2019 Fee Schedule

Square foot rates

New plans are assessed by the square foot:

  • Houses & porches: $3.00 per square foot (e.g. 500 sq ft = $1,500)

  • Shops & garages: $2.50 per square foot

  • Unconditioned carports (no heating, plumbing): $2.00 per square foot

  • Decks, patios, and other uncovered spaces: $1.75 per square foot

Hourly rates

Additional service are assessed by the hour

  • Consultations (telephone or on site): $100.00 per hour

  • All paperwork: $100.00 per hour

  • Design changes requiring excessive remodeling or plan modifications: $100.00 per hour

  • Travel time (for permitting Point Roberts projects): $75.00 per hour

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Point Roberts Services

Natural Resource Assessments: $500.00 flat fee


  • Required Natural Resource Assessment site plan design

  • Paperwork, printing and processing

  • Travel time to the WCPDS building department

On site assessments & consultations: $100.00


Get a one hour walk around consultation at your building site.

White Glove Permitting Services: $800.00

We do all your permitting from start to finish.


  • Building Permit Applications and other standard permitting paperwork

  • Encroachment Form Applications

  • Water Availability Applications

Travel time to the WCPDS building department (300 miles total) for required meetings, including:

  • Pre-screening for plans

  • Intake appointments for permits

  • Issuance pick-ups for permits & plans

Feasibility Studies $200.00

This study should be done prior to purchasing any building lot in Point Roberts - no matter the existing services and conditions. Feasibility Includes screenings for:

  • Archaeological sensitive areas

  • Habitat Conservation

  • Fire requirement (Title 15)

  • Flood (WCC 17)

  • Geohazards (WCC 16.16)

  • Shoreline (WCC 23)

  • Watershed

  • Wetlands (WCC 16.16)

  • Land Disturbance

  • Forest Conversions (Washington State EPA - SEPA) & Tree Removal

  • Tree Retention

  • Septic System Permit (OSS & ROSS)

  • Sewer Connection (where applicable in town)

  • Water Availability

This work must be done in person at the WCPDS office in Bellingham. We schedule visits every two weeks. If you need a study done faster for closing there is an additional rush fee of $50.00 ($250.00 total) Results are available the same day the screening is done.

Enhanced site plans: $500.00

Site plans are required for permitting. This service includes:

  • Site plan

  • Time at your building site and online collecting necessary information

  • If we’ve done a Natural Resource Application site plan for your project then this fee is reduced to $200.00 as it can typically be modified for your plan set.

Hourly rate: $100.00 per hour

Used to calculate:

  • Meetings

  • Telephone calls

  • Atypical research that requires an investment of time

  • All post-plan modifications

  • Non-standard paperwork

Trip fees: $150.00


  • Travel time to the building department, health department, assessor’s office, and other departments in Bellingham, which are all over a 100 mile round trip.

Printing fees: vary by project

THE small HOUSE CATALOG executes printing for projects but printing costs and fees are the responsibility of clients unless otherwise stated above.